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500$ Affiliate Reward!

Being a partner of InstaForex, you have an outstanding opportunity to take part in a new campaign - 500$ Affiliate Reward - to receive extra money.

Under the terms of the campaign, in order to get 500$ to your trading account, you need to refer at least 10 customers to your affiliate group. After you have referred 10 customers, send a request for 500$ Affiliate Reward to the InstaForex Partner Relations Department. As soon as your application is considered and approved, 500$ will be transferred to a trading account opened specifically for you by InstaForex. The credentials will be sent to an email address you provided at the stage of registration with the affiliate program.

Should you like to learn more about the terms and conditions of the 500$ Affiliate Reward campaign, visit the Rules page.

If you have any questions about the bonus campaign, please email us at

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Terms and conditions of the $500 Affiliate Reward campaign

*This point is aimed at preventing fraudulent activity with bonus system, but its application does not mean that all the accounts barred from receiving bonuses they gained earlier, are declared as violated any rule, because in some cases it is impossible to unambiguously determine the fact of the rule’s violation. There is a 10% chance that an erroneous cancellation of the bonus within the struggle against unscrupulous usage of the bonus system would take place.

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